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Is going digital worth it?

Adam Rodriguez — 2016-05-27

As a programmer, technology isn’t a problem for me. I’m used to the idea of how computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. can benefit our lives. But I learned that there are people who are going to have trouble using the latest technology.

In my perspective, computers and other technology are great for organization, keeping records, and keeping in touch with one another. I know that with the right kind of system, it will better than going the old-fashioned route. But, there are exceptions where going digital isn’t the right move. The main problem with going digital is the feeling of being forced.

The best example I can give is going digital on income tax. These days, people are being denied help from a tax expert because of their financial wealth. Instead, they are forced to submit theer tax information online. The problem in this senerio is that there are people who will and always have problems finding which site is the best to submit tax information, as well as follow directions when it comes to computers. If you found out how many sites to choose from, who’s more secure and would you trust them with your tax information? Do these people who don't have a lot of experience know what they're doing, even if the directions are in front of them? Not to mention they have to create an account with a username and password to keep track with a year time gap.

The idea is: is it a good idea to put people who have no experience with computers, or tablets with computers, or tables? That is something that even computer savvy people have to think about. When you think going from paper to digital is easy, it’s not. When we need to make a system, digital or not, it’s better to think about every single type of person, and give them a choice. Because somewhere, there will be always that one person who will be angry because they don’t know how to work a computer.

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